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Issue 1 (2) / 2016 22 november 2016

Contents of the issue

Rubis A. S., Ropot R. M.

Establishment of Antiquity as One of the Problems of Forensic Examination

The article is devoted to consideration of topical issues of establishing traces of old-maps in forensic examination. The history of using of special expert knowledge for establishment of antiquity is studied. Whitespace moments are determined in the considered area, specific promising areas of development and implementation of theoretical and applied problems of establishing limitations in forensic examination are formulated.

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Ji Meijun

On Understanding and Application of New Provisions of Expert Evidence in the Criminal Procedure Law of China

In the article main directions of development of system of judicial authentication are studied. Special attention is given to the activities of expert-witness. Examples from similar legal regulations and practice in Great Britain, USA, Australia are studied. Ways of further perfection of system of expert evidence in China in the conditions of economic growth are outlined.

The full text of the article is available in the free scientific digital library eLIBRARY.RU

Danchenko E. O., Tetiuev A. M.

Postmortem Biochemical Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Coma

This article is a review of available literature data on the postmortem biochemical diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and diabetic coma. The diagnostic value of the basic biochemical parameters associated with impaired glucose metabolism (glucose, glycated hemoglobin, ketone bodies) in a variety of biological fluids of corpses (blood, urine, vitreous humor, cerebrospinal fluid) was examined. Determination of vitreous (or cerebrospinal fluid) glucose, blood (or alternative specimen) beta-hydroxybutyrate, and blood glycated hemoglobin are the standard analyses that any forensic chemistry laboratory should be able to carry out in order to detect fatal disorder of glucose metabolism. The concentration of glucose in the blood tends to decrease in postmortem period. However, subject to the rules of blood sampling and testing, the blood glucose concentration in diabetes and diabetic coma will remain high. It should be understood that the change in biochemical parameters of carbohydrate metabolism may be observed not only in diabetes.

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Zaluzhnaya O. G., Zaluzhny G. I., Krivicki A. M., Zasimovich E. A.

Research of Automobile Electric Lamps Failure Caused by Mechanical Damages

Failures of automotive incandescent lamp were investigated comparable to their destruction in real traffic situation. The task of the study was to establish multiple connections between the properties, structure of metallic conductors inside the bulb. Influence of the heating temperature of tungsten spirals at its ability to deform plastically was studied. The chemical composition of phases on a destroyed automobile lamps was investigated. The established signs indicate physical essence of the phenomena occurring at lamps destruction.

The full text of the article is available in the free scientific digital library eLIBRARY.RU

Nazarova T. V., Gromova A. V.

The Objects and the Tasks of Linguistic and Author’s Right Examinations Conducted at Forensic Science Units in the System of the Ministry of the Interior of Russian Federation

The article covers the examinations’ objects and expert tasks solved within the framework of conducting linguistic and author’s right examinations. On the basis of summarizing established practice of their assignment at forensic science units in the system of the Ministry of the Interior of Russian Federation the model forensic conditions in which their conducting is demand are covered.

Fesenko E. T., Lysak A. S.

Opportunities of Methods of Expert Study of Objects of Biological Origin in the Investigation of Crimes Against Human Life and Health

An increase in number of serious crimes, including against human life and health, affects the biological methods of research traces of these crimes. In the course of an expert study of traces of biological origin identification and diagnostic tasks are solved. Currently immunological, cytological, genotipical (DNA analysis) and odorological examination are used.

Shushko O. O

Model for Carrying out Study of Economic Expertise of Misuse of Funds and Unjustified Non-Payment of the Salary

The general components of wage formation definition of payroll were presented. The list of documents that are subject to investigation by experts-economists in carrying out economic expertise was investigated. The essence, objectives and methods of economic expertise for charging and non-payment of wages were defined.

Kalchytskaya O. V., Mikhniuk O. N., Yurchenko P. A.

Dependence of Concentration of Extractives from Cognac Distillates and its Aging

The article presents research relationship between the concentration of extractives (furan and phenolic compounds) in cognac distillates and its aging . The experimental data can be used as criteria for conducting monitoring studies in order to determine the age of cognac distillates and evaluating the authenticity of cognac production.