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Requirements for abstracts and key words for articles submitted for publication

The articles in the scientific and practical journal «Forensic examination of Belarus» are published with an abstract and keywords that must meet the following requirements.

Abstract from 100 to 250 words) is published in Russian and English.

It should be borne in mind that after the publication of the article, the abstract will be posted on the Internet, as well as information systems and databases indexing the journal, and will become the main source of information on the publication. In this regard, it is especially important to ensure that its structure and content allows its publication separately from the article.

The abstract should fully and clearly state the main content and structure, as well as describe the results of the study as accurately and in detail as possible. If the subject, theme, purpose, research methods are obvious from the title of the article, they should not be re-stated in the abstract. The use of acronyms, abbreviations (other than well-known) and conventional symbols should be avoided. References should not be cited in the abstract.

Abstract should be original, that is, not to be a literal copy of the text of the article. To ensure the proper quality of the English language, it is advisable to employ a competent native speaker. Particular attention should be paid to the use of proper special terminology.

Keywords (from 5 to 10) are given in Russian and English. They are used as indexing terms, that is, they contribute to the indexing of the article in information retrieval systems, which makes it possible to expand the possibilities of searching the material by the readers.

When creating a list of keywords, please use the most significant concepts from the article, and, if possible, without repeating the terms from the title. Avoid the use of phrases, especially verbose words. The terms should preferably be nominative.