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Instructions for authors on manuscript formatting

Forensic Examination of Belarus is an open-access peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of forensic sciences. The journal welcomes scientific articles and original empirical studies.

The journal is included in the list of scientific editions of the Republic of Belarus for publication of the results of dissertational studies.

Scientific articles on medical (in the field of forensic medicine), technical (in the field of forensic expert activity) and legal sciences are accepted for publication in the section "Scientific publications" of the journal. The articles submitted for publication in this section should be a completed scientific research and contain new scientific results.

It is recommended to follow this structure of the scientific article:

  1. introduction (gives a brief review of the literature on the problem, highlights questions not resolved, defines goals and tasks of the work);
  2. main text (methodology, equipment, materials, objects of research are described, the contents of the studies is given, graphical (tables, graphs, diagrams, formulas, photographs, figures, text) demonstration of the actual results of the research is demonstrated, proposals for practical applications and directions for future research are outlined);
  3. conclusion (main results of the study and conclusions are briefly and clearly formulated);
  4. acknowledgements (brief expression of gratitude to colleagues for their help, for financial support of the research; this section is optional).

Reviews, articles with biographical, informational and other similar nature, interviews, reports on events (conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.) will not be included in the section "Scientific Publications".

We recommend that you use our template to prepare your article.

We prefer materials in electronic form to be in MS Word, text without hyphenation. Font: Times New Roman, 14-point, single-line spaced, indent - 1.25 cm, alignment - width, margins: top/bottom – 20mm, left – 30mm, right – 15mm.

All pages must be numbered.

Please place the elements of the article in the following sequence:

  • Title (limited to 120 characters or 10 words). The title should not contain technical terms, abbreviations, etc.;
  • Author’ name (names);
  • Abstract, key words (see guidelines);
  • The text of the article. The maximum length of the article should, as a general rule, not exceed 20 000 characters with spaces (approx. 10 pages). Reduction or increase in the volume of the article is possible only in consultation with the editorial staff.

    If there are illustrations (drawings, photographs, diagrams, graphics and other graphic files) in the text of the article, they should also be presented in electronic form in separate files in the following formats (without compression): JPEG; PDF; TIFF; EPS; PSD. We prefer vector files with editable layers.

    Bitmap images must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi for halftone images (photographs, newspaper clippings, book illustrations) and at least 600 dpi for line images (graphics, tables, details made with drawing tools). Increasing the resolution after scanning by software is unacceptable. CorelDraw drawings are to be represented in 2 versions: source (.cdr) and exported.

    The quality of the illustrations and their correction (deletion of objects, replacement of the background, changing the clarity of the image, etc.) is discussed before the imposition of the original layout.

    If there is any doubt about the quality of the scanned or produced image, it is desirable to provide the original.

    Each table should be submitted as a word document and accompanied by a short title sentence describing what the table shows. Further details can be included as footnotes to the table;

  • The list of references in the article should be made in the Latin alphabet in accordance with the general requirements. The availability of references to publications of recent years in leading journals on the topic of research, including foreign ones, is welcomed.

Please attach to the article:

  1. Review of the supervisor or minutes of the department/faculty meeting on the recommendation of the article for publication (for undergraduates, graduate and post-graduate students);
  2. Official photo of the author (in colour);
  3. Information about the author, indicating:

    surname, name, patronymic of the author (authors);
    article’s title;
    authors’ affiliations (position and place of work, study): name and complete address for correspondence;
    highest academic degree and academic status of each author (if applicable);
    contact details (office and (or) home address, e-mail address, telephone and fax number with country codes).

Please take into consideration that the author's photo, as well as data from the author's information, will be published in the magazine.

Each author signs a copy on paper on the last page and marks the date of signing. Materials shall be submitted in person or by mail to: Kalvariyskaya str., 43, 220073, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Materials in electronic form are to be sent by e-mail at the electronic address of the Editors Office:

Should you have any queries, please contact us