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of the Republic of Belarus

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International cooperation

Just after the State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus was established foreign colleagues began to demonstrate their interest.

Representatives of expert institutions of Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, State of Israel, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Latvia, Republic of Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Poland, Mongolia, Republic of Poland, United Arab Emirates and Russian Federation treated with increased attention to a new unique expert body of our Republic.

This fact is confirmed by visits of delegations from different states which aimed to familiarization with domestic experience of centralization of expert institutions, organization of the work of the new agency and topical issues and ways of its resolving.

The State Forensic Examination Committee works actively in different spheres of international cooperation in order to widen and strengthen of ties, develop mutually advantageous relations with international expert community, including the area of informational, scientific and methodological exchange in the field of forensic expertise.

In order to strengthen close contacts and exchange of advanced experience in the most topical question the State Committee adopted a decision to hold international conferences systematically. At the first such conference in 2014 the main key problems of improvement of forensic activities were considered. The forensic psychiatric and psychological conference was organized in 2015 and the next one about actual issues of forensic medicine was conducted in 2016.

Leading specialists and scientists of our country and representatives of foreign states took part in these events thus it made possible not only to impart the main achievements and advanced developments in forensic activities area but also to explore the experience of colleagues from countries of near and far abroad.

Experts of the State Committee actively participate in workshops, conferences, training and other events abroad; they are trained in expert establishments of other countries and also conduct master class for foreign specialists.

And one of the most important areas of international cooperation of the State Committee is promotion of bilateral relations with expert institutions of foreign countries.

In this connection the State Committee is carrying out the work for actualization of the agreements in forensic activity sphere which were signed before foundation of the State Committee and the same time new treatments are being drafted and concluded.

There are agreements with expert institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Ukraine nowadays. And work is proceeding on the entering into treatments with Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Republic of Uzbekistan and Republic of Lithuania, State of Israel and other states.