State Forensic Examination Committee
of the Republic of Belarus

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Expertise and research

Appointment of examinations and preparation of documents

If necessary, the examination should be appointed to the expert institution by the relevant document (decision/rule) in which should be indicated the name of the organization, but not its structural unit and not the name of an expert. In this case the decision (rule) and the necessary materials should be addressed to the head of the expert institution, as only in his competence is the organization of the examination.

Expert institutions are the Central Office of the State Committee and its territorial unites: Directorates of the State Committee in Regions and Minsk, the regional (inter-regional) departments of the State Committee.

It is necessary to specify in the decision (rule) on the appointment of expertise about the permission or prohibition to conduct research that can lead to total or partial destruction of researched objects or change their appearance or basic properties.

Questions to experts should be formulated clearly, eliminating the possibility of a different interpretation.

It is necessary to minimize the time from the moment of seizure of objects before they are provided for examination.

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