State Forensic Examination Committee
of the Republic of Belarus

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Forensic ballistic examination


The subject of the Forensic Ballistic Examination is actual data establish in the study of firearms, ammunition and traces of their actions which indicate the presence (absence) of circumstances relating to the subject matter of proof on a particular criminal case.

Ballistic examination is called in case of the use, illicit manufacture, carrying storage, sale of firearms and ammunition, devices of non-battle purposes (signaling and gas pistols and revolvers, air rifles, pistols and, etc.).


The objects of ballistics examination are: weapons, ammunition, objects with gunshot injuries; bullets and shot shell found at the scene; clothing of the victim with gunshot injuries; protocols of investigative actions with photo tables and schemes; the forensic medical examination conclusions, as well as other materials needed to resolve the tasks by the expert.


  • matching the objects to the traumatic firearms, gas, pneumatic, signal weapon and constructively similar products to firearms and pneumatic weapon;
  • matching the objects to ammunition;
  • determination the type and model of firearms by the shooting bullets, sleeves, traces of shots also specific instance of weapon by the shooting bullets and sleeves;
  • defining serviceability and suitability for shooting of weapon and ammunition;
  • establishing some circumstances of firearm use (bullet ricochet, conformity of weapon caliber to cartridge caliber which were used for shooting; accordance the number of shots to traces on the barriers, the place of the shooter, direction and distance of the shot, relative position of the barrier and the weapon at the instant of firing and others).